is part of the Data Protection Group and  Our staff have over 30 years experience in areas of legal, data protection privacy and compliance.

ProPolicies is all about making GDPR compliant privacy policy creation simple and affordable.

Compliant policies are a central component of a privacy compliance and governance framework that organisations need to have to meet GDPR and country-specific privacy regulations. NB Policies alone do not make you compliant.

Our policies are drafted by legal professionals and are simple for you to personalise and use today.

We also provide industry-leading Data Protection and GDPR related Privacy and Compliance solutions to SME’s, Professionals and Enterprises throughout Ireland and Europe.

Our legal, #privacy and #compliance staff can #audit, assess, and advise your business on your current GDPR compliance status.  More importantly, we deliver the full range of Data Protection services and products to bring your business into compliance.

This will enable you to evidence compliance for handling, processing, storing and securing personal data in line with the principles of the GDPR.

Prepare your organisation today and be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR

  • Paul McCourtney
    Paul McCourtney CEO and co-founder
  • David Fagan
    David Fagan Head of Privacy
  • Laura Donnelly
    Laura Donnelly Director of Business Development
  • Michelle Synnott
    Michelle Synnott Lawyer - Auditor & Consultant
  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson Group Manager

30 years experience

Our staff  have over 30 years experience in areas of legal, data protection privacy and compliance.

Policy Software

We provide policy creation software to make GDPR compliance simple.

Legal Professionals

All our policies have been drafted by legal professionals and we’re here to help when you need us.

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